Menu troubles

I edited my openbox menu with the gui editor and now my menu still pops up on right click but none of the entries work. pls help. It gives an error saying: Text was empty (or contained only whitespace)
how do I get my menu back? :frowning:

Wonder if you forgot to save before closing Openbox Menu.

I would have a look at this thread, check on Nate s post.

I gotta say. Editing the menu from .xml file is much safer. At least there you can see what you have changed and can revert easily in your editor.

Copy the original Openbox menu from here, then I highly recommend you edit your menu in geany or your favourite editor.


Even faster that way @Dobbie03

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thanks a bunch Dobbie03 that did it…meanwhile I still wanna know why that error ocurred–wonder if there’s an error checker somewhere I could use :expressionless:

Glad I could help.

It could have been as simple as a missing < or > or something in the wrong place.

Can you please mark the post that solved your issue :smiley:

Link:W3Schools for an xml error checker. If you use the openbox gui editor you’ll have to error check after saving I guess?


I would also suggest making a backup of the xml file, just in case before doing anything…of course I’m preaching to the choir, but just in case.:thinking:

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