May 2022 Screenshot Thread

Continuing from April.

Well, May is here, almost halfway through the year already, Thanks for the awesome contributions last month.

As usual:

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Thank you very much, @Madmedic for supplying us all this time (how about shouting him a coffee or two for the effort?)

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Wow, May already !

Wasn’t taken down for inappropriate material one of his users uploaded?

Yes, some sick pervert uploaded material that included children.

Bamboo shoots under his/her (the offender) fingernails. I was one of two users who bought him coffee.

edit: I lost a lot of images. Second time that happened to me. Won’t be a third.


Yes, Agreed. Then a bullet to the head.

I was the other one :smiley:

I did too, all the images for the AL site were linked there. Luckily I found a copy of them all buried in my Documents folder. I have taken to just storing important images on my PC and ProtonDrive. Which I did anyway but not as diligently as I could.

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Put them in a pool with 10 feet sides with 5 feet of water and just 1 Piranha.


@Dobbie03 - need to edit that paragraph.

dk window manager -


Your scrots are always fabulous. Nice work.

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I like fluent icons, but their widget themes look not bad, too.


Slide Linux
Openbox on Debian. Also a KDE version. A CBPP respin.

Runs live from thumbdrive. Couldn’t figure out root password, so I couldn’t install neofetch. Copied the neofetch script and the neofetch config dir to put in .config; and it ran fine:)

Haven’t seen rEFind in a while.


Thanks, done. I just removed the whole paragraph as it doesn’t really apply any more.

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Kicking off the new month in ezarcher KDE, and trying out FAR2L and exa. Both pretty cool.


What’s that maxxipad refind icon?

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I think it’s a life raft with oars.

far left: Boot vmliunz-linux from 299MIB FAT volume (HDrive)
middle (life raft): Boot EFI\systemd\systend-bootx64.efi rom 299MIB FAT volume (HDrive)
right: Boot EFI\grubx64.efi from slide11 (Thumbdrive)

Bottom, left to right:
Install rEFInd to disk
Manage EFI boot order
Start EFI Shell
Start disk partitioning tool
About rEFInd
Shutdown Computer
Reboot Computer
Reboot to Computer Setup Utility


Yeah that icon is the systemd boot that also shows up with PopOS. I think you’re right, it is a life raft lulz.

That’s the intended boot method for the HDrive. Or rEFInd sees this as the ‘norm’

I think rEFInd sees this as a fail safe/backup boot method, hence the life raft.

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Venom Linux

Customize your system with Venom Linux, a lightweight source based distro for advanced Linux users targeting x86_64 machines.

  • Minimal as possible
  • Highly customizable
  • No systemd (elogind or any part from it) (SysV)
  • Centered Around smaller software
  • Community Driven

I really like this one. Downsides are a single developer = single point of failure. Building LibreOffice from source would take a while;)


Is it an independent release where it has it’s own repo of packages? Or is it based on say Debian or Arch?

This might answer my question.