May 2020 Screenshot Thread

First post, New to the message board and also to ArchLabs. Just installed it last night for the first time.

I’m also a fan of a clean minimalist look.
Simple openbox with conky. On a 10yr old MSI laptop



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Nicee @rml @MASSv1


No major changes, just updates:


new laptop should be en route; the old HP laptop will be freed up for ArchLabs.


What’s inside?

Nice shot @PackRat

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Quad core - 4 hamsters on a wheel :crazy_face:

Actually, it’s a standard Dell i5, 17 inch screen, Intel graphics. It’s mainly for my oldest’s school and Girl Scout work.

I bought the HP back in 2011 when I was working in Tennessee. It’s 15" i3. It’s always run hot (common HP laptop issue) and Windows 10 is just burning it up (came with Win 7). I’ve run Arch and Void on it, and ArchLabs live session so it will get a second life in week or two.


My new 15" IPS display is quite good, but sometimes I miss the old, shitty 17"…

Just installed. I needed to make some space for Void.


Nice @nwg

@nwg Nice shot and simple bar

Still not a simple task to set up sway on Void, but it’s already possible.


Nicee @nwg

Hard at work again !

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True. I promised to update Azote package in the Void repo. I wonder if I’ve bought enough beer.


lol, yep, beer helps with coding right !

Bet that one needs lots of it.

No coding required, but packaging for Void is a challenge.

Oh ok, yep, I remember you were stating it before.

You guys are much better than I am, never been able to install Void, I must say that I never much tried hard

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Azote 1.7.10 / sway / Void Linux. Probably my last contribution to Void packages.

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Very cool wallpaper @nwg - can you share it please?

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Nice Void install @nwg . Hard work !