May 2019 Screenshot Thread

Cheers Man!!

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Im just testing out a new WM theme and aurafetch (And Im clearly running out of names for themes! :rofl:.)

May the 4th be with you.


LOL Meatpie.

Nice setup.

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As @Dobbie03 says, it’s aurafetch. Thank you @philT. I see you already have it, it looks great! ; in the output I removed the bold text :

# Output

output() {
	if [[ ! $cargs ]]; then

cool. thanks man.

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I think you mean that NVIDIA doesn’t play with wlroots:

Have you installed xserver-xorg-xwayland? All X programs should work under sway with that installed.

Weston in Debian buster:



@Head_on_a_Stick You’re absolutely right. Slip of the tongue.

Yes, I’ve not had any problems running apps under sway - including such apps as dmenu and rofi.
@nwg was it a long time ago you tried it? I’d be interested to know if you have these problems with sway 1.0
I don’t think tint2 would survive a leap into wayland though.

wio and cage look pretty cool too.

cage was developed by BL’s “@Unia

I’ve just messed around a bit and added xwayland support to tinywl - even with that dmenu etc works fine.

@malm, @Head_on_a_Stick - you might’ve just found me an occupation for tonight. :smiley:

New wallpaper (added to Custom) and updated kernel


I dont have much to do with debian anymore, any updates on when debian 10 should be out?

When it’s ready :grin:

The freeze usually lasts about six months and it started in March.

Here’s the general release page:

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This is why i stick with Archlinux :wink:

Nice :slight_smile:

I prefer the real thing though:



Fvwm -

made some changes to tint2 - no taskbar/pager; making use of extensible spacers to center the psuinfo.


@malm, @Head_on_a_Stick

It took me some time, but it simply doesn’t work. My both tint2 panels appear one after another on the secondary display. Also:

If you already use i3, then copy your i3 configuration to ~/.config/sway/config and it should work out of the box. (Arch Wiki)

is not true here. My AL i3 config causes numerous crashes.

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I really didn’t like that wallpaper I posted once I saw a screenshot of it above, looks different on my PC but I wasn’t 100% happy. I have used this new wallpaper before. Qutebrowser is now nicely themed to match my GTK etc and is really usable with this theme. I also figured out a GB/NZ spell check in Qute as well (at long bloody last).

I also updated the theme to be a variant of the Numix theme, looks much nicer and complete than the Materia variant I was using before.

Best example is Thunar (which I hardly use now, thanks to nnn)

The icon theme is DarK which comes with a nice colour changing script.

Slowly but surely everything is getting more consistent theme-wise. Just need to sort out Rofi but I hardly use that now in favour of dmenu.


Awesome @Dobbie03 . It looks very clean!! I like it. And I like those icons for thunar. I will try them today.


I don’t think tint2 will work properly under a Wayland desktop, try swaybar instead.

Probably best to re-create the configuration from scratch anyway.

Back on topic with Debian buster running under OpenBSD’s native vmm(4) hypervisor:


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It won’t. Together with scrot, flameshot, simplescreenrecorder and hell knows what else. So at the moment no reason for me to move from i3-gaps to sway.

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