May 2019 Screenshot Thread

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As usual:

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Wow, May already ! Went too fast again .

Nice shot @Dobbie03

Good @Dobbie03,icons is acyl ?

May attracts me to take my wallpapers right from behind the fence. :wink:


swapped out a wibar for polybar; wallpaper of Emerald Bay (south end of Lake Tahoe) from phil’s cool wallpaer collection:


Nice; you living out in farm country?

My wife wanted a bigger garden. Ten years ago we moved two kilometers out of town. A building plot in the city costs as much as a plot here together with the construction of a house.


Great looking shot @PackRat

@PackRat are the temperatures gpu or cpu?
If yes, you can pass the modules, if you like.
found script gpu intel

According to sensors, they are cpu - but there should only be one. Not really sure what’s going on there. I can use the hwmon examples on the polybar site for the temperature module; it’s pretty self-explanatory. I’ll get the code next time on the ArchLabs setup.


My mistake, I switched to a custom module using awk to get the temperatures reported by sensors:

type = custom/script
;exec-if = load
exec = sensors | awk '/Core0/{gsub("+","");print $3}'
interval = 15
format-prefix = " Temp0: "
format-prefix-foreground = ${colors.foreground}
format-prefix-background = ${colors.background}
label-padding = 0

I stopped using hwmon because it would change with kernel upgrades, as I recall.

back on topic - can’t forget about jgmenu:


Top man @PackRat

Have been busy messing around with wlroots and mir for a few days.

Looks like lubuntu are looking to port openbox to wayland using mir.

I like the look of wlroots myself. It doesn’t play with nvidia, but everything seems spot on! Really nice project :slight_smile:

Anyway, plan to get back on jgmenu shortly.

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Porting openbox to Wayland will make a lot of people happy.

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I’m not so sure. Gave a try to sway and returned to i3-gaps after an hour. Too many programs I use still don’t work on Wayland.

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So today I am playing with the Cinnamon-i3-polybar combo…


I’m getting older, months go by too fast. New wallpaper. Otherwise it works perfectly :muscle::muscle:


Very nice!

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