May 2018 Screenshot Thread

May is here in New Zealand as we dwell in the future. The April screenshot thread was the biggest yet, sort of reflects how the distro itself is growing. It’s really great to see.

As usual:

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Just playing around with Ranger…

For a freaking cool screenshot tool, checkout Teiler

Found a wallpaper I like more


God this forum is a breeze to use =)
After my finals, i’ll get back to theming. My first shot would be an appropriate termte color scheme to use with this wallpaper. I don’t like the one pywal generate tho.


That’s one of the reasons behind choosing Discourse.

Nice shot there.

Nice start to the month.

i3-gaps; default set up, and fluxbox - tweaking jgmenu:


Looking good everyone :slight_smile:

Happy May Day & a slightly early… Feliz Cinco de Mayo to all :hot_pepper::beer::desert_island:

Just a little tweaking to my dark theme and fresh wall, another by Charlie Henson.


pekwm - tint2 - jgmenu; got me some grouped terminals:

work in progress (polybar tends to make it crash :crying_cat_face:) Also, I think pekwm has been abandoned; too bad, it’s a pretty good window manager.


Polybar looks like it belongs. Drag about pekwm, loved it back in the day :frowning_face:

Nice PackRat.

+1 — I’m still using it on the family Debian laptop, I told my partner that we have to change but she won’t let me :cry:

I’m going to have to fake up openbox to behave like pekwm, fortunately I wasn’t using the tabbing feature anyway but I did have a lovely (if rather hackish) Arc theme for it:

Anyway back on topic with a fake busy scrot:


^ You didn’t happen to bookmark the documentation for pekwm did you?

You can still get the source - moved to sourceforge. But the documentation was linked from the home page which is dead.

back on topic - openbox - city lights flat gtk:

nice work on the theme, dobbie; I ported it to fluxbox :smiley_cat:

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Sadly not but urukrama’s site still has some good tips:

Blenderising in OpenBSD:

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Nice scrots gents.

I’m still rocking the same Ubuntu 18.04 setup.

Might setup BSPWM on top of it to satisfy my nerd side.

It integrates well.


Nice start to the month there.

Back to my old love i3…


Hello boys!


^ That’s awesome. What is that double status bar? All tmux or some text editor (vi theme?) running in tmux?

Ported City Lights theme to fluxbox -


@unix121wow man, love that polybar.

@PackRat, cool man. Love seeing that theme everywhere.

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Actually it’s 2 polybars stacked one on another :stuck_out_tongue: If you remove shadows from the bar it makes it like it’s 1 bar :stuck_out_tongue: