Matrix 4

To say I am looking forward to this is pretty accurate, though I am refusing to get excited just in case I end up getting let down.


Couldn’t agree more. One way or another, it seems I’m going to go to the cinema twice this year, if we count “Dune”.

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Same feeling. So far planning to watch both movies.

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I do too, I am excited for both but Dune especially.

I hope it gets kind of older school with shots like the first movie, guns a blazing, less Kung fu and fondling fiber optic lines: What’s the premise?? Life after the machine world?

Matrix one was so cool when it came out.

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Watching the first minute and a half of the trailer brought a few things to mind:

Neo meeting Carrie-Anne Moss “Have we met?” should had cut to Neo looking at a tattoo on his forearm ala “Memento”.

Maybe it is really all just a Molly infused fever dream, chasing the rabbits down holes. Which isn’t the future, it’s the present in today’s Facebook Matrix. Just eat the blue pill. They do when they take Molly at Coachella Fest. Which was quite a herpes super spreader event the last time it was staged.

That one Kung Fu move was total Mortal Kombat, we might see a reboot of that game coming soon to a Steam near you.

I don’t have high expectations on this one. Usually, the first one is always the best (The Godfather is an exception. I think the second one is the best of all three). The Matrix series, I couldn’t finish the second and third one. The first one was too good to follow.

Watched the trailer. Had a feeling that I am watching another John Wick film. Gun fights, motorcycle chasing, etc, too familiar. :grinning: