March 2020 Screenshot Thread

I don’t know about you guys but I am sure it is March. :smiley:

Moving posts to March Scrot. Closing.

@subjunkie Courage and patience, I wish you a speedy recovery :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:


Nicee @nwg @PackRat @powergo

@Negata Thank you mate!

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@Dobbie03 Ups, i did it again. Not feet, lol, just one foot. The right one… EDIT: My right foot…


LOL, this leeds us to the English for beginners thread. :rofl:


One of the hazards of time travel. :smile_cat:

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That is a valid point. It does mess with your head.


Oh nice @Dobbie03. Dark as another surprise ! lol

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nwgbar - C++ incarnation of sgtk-bar already works. I’m proud to say that the number of arguments has been reduced of a half. :slight_smile:


Top @nwg

Got a weather conky working again … plus a BIG I CAN SEE IT UVI conky just above my email.
Calendar - bottom right - is in Spanish - mar - mar = Tuesday March :slight_smile:


Looks great @Sector11

So that’s the UV index on the octagon in the lower left?
You have a link for that wallpaper?

Back on topic; experimenting with fluxbox layouts:

and openbox -


But I’ll share the two with you, don’t think you want the one with my logo embedded in it :smiley:

They are an awesome set:

xga-abstract-affinity-black.jpg  xga-existence-blue.jpg		xga-poison-black.jpg
xga-abstract-affinity-blue.jpg	 xga-flying-dream-black.jpg	xga-poison-blue.jpg
xga-always-light-black.jpg	 xga-flying-dream-blue.jpg	xga-poseidon-black.jpg
xga-always-light-blue.jpg	 xga-genesis-black.jpg		xga-poseidon-blue.jpg
xga-atlantis-black.jpg		 xga-genesis-blue.jpg		xga-rising-black.jpg
xga-atlantis-blue.jpg		 xga-ghosts-black.jpg		xga-rising-blue.jpg
xga-birdy-black.jpg		 xga-ghosts-blue.jpg		xga-rumble-fish-black.jpg
xga-birdy-blue.jpg		 xga-helix-black.jpg		xga-rumble-fish-blue.jpg
xga-birdy-unbreakable.jpg	 xga-helix-blue.jpg		xga-rumi-black.jpg
xga-bladerunner-black.jpg	 xga-hollow-again-black.jpg	xga-rumi-blue.jpg
xga-bladerunner-blue.jpg	 xga-hollow-again-blue.jpg	xga-soul-cage-black.jpg
xga-broken-black.jpg		 xga-illuminations-black.jpg	xga-soul-cage-blue.jpg
xga-broken-blue.jpg		 xga-illuminations-blue.jpg	xga-spider-black.jpg
xga-burqa-black.jpg		 xga-inertia-black.jpg		xga-spider-blue.jpg
xga-burqa-blue.jpg		 xga-inertia-blue.jpg		xga-spring-black.jpg
xga-city-of-goth-black.jpg	 xga-infinity-dreams-black.jpg	xga-spring-blue.jpg
xga-city-of-goth-blue.jpg	 xga-infinity-dreams-blue.jpg	xga-starless-black.jpg
xga-creations-black.jpg		 xga-lady-fantasy-black.jpg	xga-starless-blue.jpg
xga-creations-blue.jpg		 xga-lady-fantasy-blue.jpg	xga-tarkovsky-lights-black.jpg
xga-dalis-tree-black.jpg	 xga-lust-black.jpg		xga-tarkovsky-lights-blue.jpg
xga-dalis-tree-blue.jpg		 xga-lust-blue.jpg		xga-teardrop-black.jpg
xga-dangerous-curves-black.jpg	 xga-metal-on-metal-black.jpg	xga-teardrop-blue.jpg
xga-dangerous-curves-blue.jpg	 xga-metal-on-metal-blue.jpg	xga-the-doors-black.jpg
xga-dark-city-black.jpg		 xga-mind-travel-black.jpg	xga-the-doors-blue.jpg
xga-dark-city-blue.jpg		 xga-mind-travel-black-s11.jpg	xga-threshold-black.jpg
xga-deja-vu-black.jpg		 xga-mind-travel-blue.jpg	xga-threshold-blue.jpg
xga-deja-vu-blue.jpg		 xga-movement-black.jpg		xga-twin-peaks-black.jpg
xga-dreamer-black.jpg		 xga-movement-blue.jpg		xga-twin-peaks-blue.jpg
xga-dreamer-blue.jpg		 xga-mushroom-black.jpg		xga-ural-altay-black.jpg
xga-epitaph-black.jpg		 xga-mushroom-blue.jpg		xga-ural-altay-blue.jpg
xga-epitaph-blue.jpg		 xga-naked-lunch-black.jpg	xga-virus-black.jpg
xga-eschers-bird-black.jpg	 xga-naked-lunch-blue.jpg	xga-virus-blue.jpg
xga-eschers-bird-blue.jpg	 xga-parallax-black.jpg		xga-worlds-black.jpg
xga-existence-black.jpg		 xga-parallax-blue.jpg		xga-worlds-blue.jpg

Nice walls in here @Sector11


Thanks … I like them, my wife not so much. :smiley:
She likes animals and scenic views and hearts and flowers.

HEY Nitrogen: The 102 images in question - small but there:

Click to enlarge.


No problem, yep, usually what we like they don t right @Sector11 !lol

Nice walls in there !

Nicee @Dobbie03

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