March 2019 Screenshot Thread



That pacman image actually showing something?

Nice logos you made; quick gimp:


Nice shot again @PackRat .


@Dobbie03 I’m always aware of the versions that are coming out. I like it


New wallpaper with @subjunkie’s logo. Without changes in the laptop, I’m at the point that everything works without problems, lately I am experimenting with my pc.


Great job in there @Negata , you guys are pretty good.




Thank you. “Pacman image showing something?” - No, not really. Is just an typically “pacman eating” image(png, svg) i have made. @PackRat That wall is nice. Do you want to share it? :thinking:



@Negata That wall looks cool.


Nice shot @robabo


lol, good idea in there @subjunkie


That wall is nice. Do you want to share it?

wallpaper - not a very useful resolution


Pleased that you are enjoying dwmX.
I Hope to have a beta release in line with Debian Buster release time.


@mrneilypops Since you made the announcement I’ve a dedicated usb for dwmX, when I’ve a while I plug it in and practice.


@altman lol Thank you.


@PackRat Thanks a lot.


One s gotta think about it, nicee.


fluxbox, i3, dwm - should be enough window managers. For the moment anyway:


@PackRat Sometimes I mix the keyboard shortcuts between i3 and dwm :see_no_evil: . I’ve been with dwm for a short time, but I’m progressing


Without many changes and also with geany, reading scripts before dinner. Today with one of the @natemaia scripts


Top job , looks good @Negata !