March 2019 Screenshot Thread



Yeah that is really nice.


Thank you very much!


Same as earlier, just a few more terminals. I am particularly happy with the Rofi.


@Dobbie03 Very nice colors and the bar is awesome.


Thanks! Just keeping it simple.


I’m learning to work with dwm. This past week I’ve continued with the practice in dwmX-2019-ALPHA-5 version. @mrneilypops I like how it works.


Great shot @subjunkie


@altman Thank you.


No problem @subjunkie


Nice shot @Dobbie03


That’s a great scrot. I too am a fan of dwmX.


Working on my own Bumblebee Status theme. A work in progress. Still trying to get Deadbeef to work and show the current playing song in the panel though.


Hard at work again @Dobbie03 ! Looks nice


Thanks man, still needs work but it looks okay so far.


You bet, never stops right !


^ No, it doesn’t.

Clean install:

had some keyboard glitches with last install I couldn’t track down; everything working OOTB now, so probably just a glitch in the previous install.


Got my intel nuc all set up, working great on Archlabs, firefox is still a memory hog though. Might swap it out to palemoon or something lighter. Nothing to flash here, just some theme i like to use lately and xfce all round, i did include dwm into the install as well and yet to look at that in depth but congrats on porting that into the installer, looks like you can do patching if required too which is a bonus.


Nice install @PackRat @s7l



Wow, nicee @subjunkie