March 2019 Screenshot Thread



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Change of venue. Awesome wm supports actual iconify/minimize so the taskbar is more useful. Xfce4 desktop with awesome wm:

now for some lua love.


Used to love XFCE alot, still do but love OB even better.

Nice shot in there @PackRat


Just changed to wallpaper nothing else.


Here you go, m8!


Thanks @altman



Some changes.


Love your work bro.


Less is more right?

I really like this. But I have to say I am running out of ideas. Ultimately, I don’t use conky any more and I am just really happy with my GTK theme and system that the only thing I seem to change these days are my window border theme and wallpaper and maybe tint2 for a change. Take it as a compliment archlabs!


No problem .


Oh , that s something new ! Nicee @Dobbie03


Nice job @philT


I haven’t noticed it before until I zoomed in, I get blinded by your walls sometimes :slight_smile: Your panel looks incredible !! So precise in details and super-polished. Best I’ve seen. On a side note, my amateur attempt at coloring folders. It looks weird when used on dark themes. Feel free to adjust the colors to your liking.


thanks man, right back at ya.

Thanks @altman this gif comes to mind

@m00n, you need sunglasses sometimes to see my desktop! I wish I could take full credit for my panel but I can’t. It’s one of the default themes from Bumblebee-status which is what I am using.


Lol, good one !


Anyone else like / use cherry tree?


Never heard of Cherry Tree. Nice scrot though.


Thanks Matt.


dwm again with the same set up. Why iam posting this ? Because it is a boring day.


Top again @philT @subjunkie