Manjaro openbox

Recently I installed manjaro openbox CE on one of my spare drive. I found out it was in a lot of aspects just a rip off of ArchLabs. They even use lots of AL modules and didn’t bother to change the names. I think they at least need to mention this somewhere in their release notes.


This is not directly related but I find this sorta flattering ^^
They use the great work made by the AL team after all. It is an official or a community spin ?

And I agree on the fact that they should give AL team at least some credits

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Manjaro has only three official releases. Xfce, KDE and gnome. All others are community spins. I must say it runs rather nice but all in all AL is nicer.


The creators of the openbox edition asked permission to use some of our resources, we shared.


Very generous and awesome of y’all to share the resources. (:

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They asked permission and I am happy they are using them. I don’t expect them to credit us but at least a mention wouldn’t have gone amiss. I should say, would have been a nice gesture.


@Dobbie03 , yep, some credits would ve been appreciated considering your work , a no go on my side on manjaro s part, surprising to me.

It is what it is. I’m not gonna stress about it but I wouldn’t complain if they mentioned the ArchLabs team.


@Dobbie03 , you bet.


thats great. hope there are thought exchanges at least. if this is the case, can we make something similar to what currently manjaro’s openbox looked like? i like the polybar top and a status bar below with notifications (cant find that or similar to our existing tint2 configs) and if i try to enable tint2 too it causes some wierd errors opening the menu from polybar.

(i though that manjaro did looked similar in almost every ways)

If you give me more info on the errors you experience when opening jgmenu from polybar, I’ll try to help.

You might want to open a new thread for this. Or use the current jgmenu thread under technical support.