Manjaro Arm i3 on Pinebook Pro

Hey guys,

I finally got my Pinebook Pro, but Manjaro is giving me a headache.

The i3 image doesn’t work and I spent hours and hours flashing and setting it up using 3 releases. I gave up.
Now I am using XFCE and add i3 manually and then the bar says no battery???.

I miss just good old ArchLabs lol

I heard that EndeavourOS have an ARM edition available. I have no links though.

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Also Void could be considered. Nope. Seem not to have a Pinebook version.

thanks for the advice. I actually figured it out. Whoever made the image for the Manjaro ARM i3 had the xf86-video-fbturbo-git as part of the package and I had to go to TTY# to remove it.
I can’t for the life of me figure some of the other stuff out. I am trying to make the configuration as close as ArchLabs as much as possible along with my edited configs.

Looks like it may have been added to the void-mklive scripts:

case "$PLATFORM" in
    bananapi*) PKGS="$BASEPKG ${PLATFORM%-*}-base" ;;
    beaglebone*) PKGS="$BASEPKG ${PLATFORM%-*}-base" ;;
    cubieboard2*|cubietruck*) PKGS="$BASEPKG ${PLATFORM%-*}-base" ;;
    dockstar*) PKGS="$BASEPKG ${PLATFORM%-*}-base" ;;
    odroid-u2*) PKGS="$BASEPKG ${PLATFORM%-*}-base" ;;
    odroid-c2*) PKGS="$BASEPKG ${PLATFORM%-musl}-base" ;;
    rpi3*) PKGS="$BASEPKG rpi-base" ;;
    rpi2*) PKGS="$BASEPKG rpi-base" ;;
    rpi*) PKGS="$BASEPKG ${PLATFORM%-*}-base" ;;
    pogo*) PKGS="$BASEPKG ${PLATFORM%-*}-base" ;;
    usbarmory*) PKGS="$BASEPKG ${PLATFORM%-*}-base" ;;
    ci20*) PKGS="$BASEPKG ${PLATFORM%-*}-base" ;;
    i686*) PKGS="$BASEPKG" ;;
    x86_64*) PKGS="$BASEPKG" ;;
    GCP*) PKGS="$BASEPKG ${PLATFORM%-*}-base" ;;
    pinebookpro*) PKGS="$BASEPKG ${PLATFORM%-*}-base" ;;
    *) die "$PROGNAME: invalid platform!";;

so a user might be able to roll their own.


You should be able to use the PKGBUILDs for the ArchLabs -skel packages to build your own arm64 versions but unfortunately I don’t know how to find those.

Here are the packages themselves:

Grab the various -skel packages, unpack them (with tar xf) and copy the contents of etc/skel/ to your home directory (or to /etc/skel/ if you haven’t created a user yet).

And if you’re feeling adventurous NetBSD works on the PineBook Pro:

OpenBSD -current works also (and perhaps even the 6.7 release):

Alpine Linux have some generic aarch64 images (including uboot) that might work:

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PKGBUILDS can be found here


thanks i will take a look at them!

do i just download the pkgbuild and put into my home directory /etc/skel and just makepkg -si?

I never did something like this before.

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Yep that should work fine

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As @natemaia and @Head_on_a_Stick both said, that should hopefully be enough to get your builds going until you get your laptop ready for work.
Congrats for the iniative and effort to really learn how your OS operates @HaxNet, no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning your “own” system. :sunglasses: :metal:

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I think you’ll also have to change the architectures line:


thank you guys. i think i have a few more hours spread out to days to config this the way i wanted.

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