Make us laugh




lol, good one !




Sometimes, people really shouldn’t be in a career that deals with the public… oops there goes most of the US government! :laughing:


Dont reduce the size of your root partition then create a new home partition and accidently mkdir Home on said partition.

Jumped through a few hoops last night today, using only a 240GB ssd drive i decided i would shrink root partition which systemd did not like and took over 20 minutes to come to terms with it, then had to fsck then realised i had stuffed up the rsync to new home partition, so it looked like this ~/Home/home/s7 ! All good though, i broke it and fixed again. For some stupid reason i thought it would be good to have a 50GB root drive and just a data partition for music, vids etc, better off having all of home on a separate partition so reduced the root partition to 30GB and let ~/ have the rest.


Meanwhile in AU: :slight_smile:


@nwg that cant be for real!


Sure, just a tweet. No proof. :slight_smile:


Well you never know these days, i would not be surprised.


If somebody call emergency services for such reason, they need medical attention anyway… I will send an ambulance with two big guys and a straitjacket, for sure.
Only I am afraid there will be not enough ambulances :grin:


Straight jacket @pippo? I thought it was a hug-me-suit! :laughing:


Of course the two big guys are just there to make sure you hug yourself tightly. They are cuddle enthusiast! :grin::joy::rofl:




I love Ricky Gervais.




oh yeah! Try this!



lol, good one, too bad he went true the hatch.