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lol, kitty kitty !


you don’t have a stove
no problem


Gee, running hot right @Matouz !




lol, she s something else right !



Oh, hard on the head right !



Have you ever tried to enter the blue phone booth at 236 Earls Court, London on Google Street View?


There’s actually a phone booth somewhere on this earth? Ihaven’t seen a WORKING phone booth since the eighties.:hushed:


Judging from the pictures it may be out of order, but it looks much better from inside. :slight_smile: BTW: Last time I’ve been there about 4 years ago. If only had I known! :wink:


Good grief, I’ll have to check that out next time I’m down that way :astonished:

Weird fact: Earl’s Court isn’t on Earl’s Court Road; or rather it wasn’t, they’ve knocked it down now.

London still has quite a few of the old-fashioned red phone boxes, mainly for the tourists I think.

The ones in Soho are always plastered with postcards from the local prostitutes though, which makes me laugh when I see the tourists taking their pictures — I wonder if they notice them when they get home and show the pictures to their friends and family…

And we now have “Links kiosks” that fill the same role (but without the postcards, thankfully).


I saw the exhibition centre from outside only. My befriended hotel is placed nearby, at Philbeach Gardens. If I happen to go to London (unlikely in the face of Brexit), I’ll stay in the same place for sure.


Not sure if you’ve seen the show.