Make us laugh



Maybe he works at Burgerking, flame broiled!


lol bad boy @sevenday4 !


A bit like


Wholy crap, what a place to be.


That’s what you call 'hanging around. ':hushed:


One of those phrases for which you will find over 30 different translations into Polish :smiley:



lol, good one.




lol, another good one.


LOL - Oh man…


I lol’d.

Brutal burn.


LOL - nuthin like airing out the ole’ naughty-bits for a spell


LOL Caption “Damned. Now I know what them spare screws were for…”


LOL, I have to go to a language camp in the USA/NZ/AU one day. My (British) English teacher did not speak like this. :smiley:


Us Kiwis and Aussies would learn you a couple of choice phrases :smiley:
The Poms have the best slang I reckon.


lol, drive some big trucks & work in some plants/shops in these countries, you ll learn them real quick ! lol


You made me check the urban dictionary once again. :smiley: Seriously: I spent some time of forums mostly attended by Europeans (not UK-based), and my vocabulary seems to have shrunk. One more reason to stay here.


Well, good idea if I were 20 years younger. In my 50’s I’d need to get fired first. :wink:


lol, I can get you some tips on how to get fired ! lol j/k