Make us laugh



Absolute truth spoken ^ :rofl:


lol, good one in there,


We had a family party for New Years and I actually came close to having a line up and strip search for the damn remotes :stuck_out_tongue:



lol, big cat scares small cat !


@altman This meme reminded me of something from my childhood.

True story… I was 10 and my family lived in the coastal mountains of California. Anyhoots, I had been bad (shouldn’t surprise anyone) and my father told me to water our vegetable garden on the hill behind our home. After getting a 100ft of hose up the hill, was watering row by row the corn. Heard a rustling and thinking it was my little brother, pushed the corn back but only to expose a Mountain lion laying not 5ft from me. She must have been watching me and could have had a tasty morsel but didn’t for some reason. As I ran down the hill screaming, nearly quicker than my legs could carry me… She ran up the hill doing the same. I’ll never forget that day.


Wholy cow, one must have been scared right ! Don t have these close to where I am luckily !

Edit: & @ 10, maybe the cat was as big as you were !


Hell yes, I had a stammer as a child and took me several hours to tell my folks what had happened.

Some experiences we live through, become ingrained in memory.

Ohh, much larger than I. I’m not a big person now but was even smaller for my age back then.


You bet, one that doesn t remember these must have something going on.

Edit: One must find speed that one s not able to do usually !


Yeah, I think I would run as fast as I could too…if I saw you! Just kidding! :laughing:
I would have probably have dropped something from my bowels first in my pants then run! We have mountain lions in this part of the woods as well. Not to mention black bears…


Run for cover right !


I don’t stammer and never did, but I probably would be stammering after that encounter too! After I change my underwear that is… :hushed:


lol, bad boy.


But ya know, you hear horror stories about people being attacked by either big cats or bears and yet… Here I am.


yep, a chance you din t fall, one can imagine what could ve happened.


Fate man, I was destined to be here bugging you guys :joy:


& it s a good thing !lol


here here.



A fave.


What a contrast!!!