Make us laugh



Don’t even! I might have to move to that country… I’m an atheist but if there are any of the old ones listening, surely you can do better than this clown!


This guy would’ve made a great latter-day Roman Caesar.

Hmmmm… Yeah, he’d look darn smart in a toga.


President Joffrey. Game of Thrones was an inside job to set the world up to accept someone only marginally less reprehensible as the prez of USA




LOL… Good grief :grin:

Tall dude looks just like my brother-in-law. He’s tall but not that tall.

  • That’s got to be what? an 8ft ceiling? Shopped?


The tall guy is Shaquille O’Neil with Kevin Harts face face-swapped :smiley:


Lol… Ohhh, duh :blush:

Yeah, nevermind :yum:


Sound’s strangely familiar :joy:


lol, you bet !


Ah, the great tradition of pretty much every governing party of every country. Glory be to civilisation comrades!


I just knew that our government went to the dogs :dog:! Because of the shutdown, my wife is out of work.


New year - new me. Just upgraded my e-cigarette. Touch screen, builtin mp3 player, picture browser, steps counter, hell knows what else. :joy:


As in majority native English speakers, you might have never seen this. See and show some mercy to us, foreigners. :smiley:


Really sorry to hear that Guy, hope the situation improves soon :frowning:


Well until both sides actually try to work together, rep Schumer said it may be years. I hate the political intrigue, it’s the little guys who suffer…hopefully Mr. Schumer is wrong.


Yep , always the small one that suffers , never the big ones.


Someone who valiantly works their fingers to the bone for a living does not equate to small imo but I understand the point.

I’ve turned the freaking news off 'round here (NY’s resolution). Most all the bastards should be thrown out and a precious few, barely have the qualifications worthy of a night shift position at your local Taco Bell.

pizz on um.


Yep , meant compared to the riches that despite the people(poorer) under them,sad but true.

They put their friends at specific jobs, not new I must say.