Make us laugh



Nice! My dad’s wife is from Broughton - not real close to you but in the area. And just a mear 4 hours from me, lol


Hell yeah, know exactly where that is… Wow man, where you at? Up North?


Yeah - near Peoria but in no-mans land. Yanno, no sidewalks, no streetlights, septic tanks and a well, lol


Hehehe! Same here man. This home, we renovated but it’s skeleton is 120 years old. Actually, we were just in Broughton not long ago. Weird. Wife’s family lives in Mt. Vernon.

You guys have snow up North? Man, just been ridiculous rain down here all year.


Lots of rain here too. Very little snow. Nice today. Sunny but the ground is pretty saturated.


Same down here :frowning:
Was hoping for a white Christmas but oh well.


Talk about weather, we just started getting snow. Measurable snow that is. But the last week, lots of rain. It’s suppose to snow all day today, then more snow off and on till early Christmas morning. I guess we will have a white Christmas after all, even though our snow season is pretty late.



It’s the essential oil bit that gets me!



Windows is so easy to take the piss out of.


The part “Wipes windows in seconds” reminds me when I did: sudo rm -rf /dev/sda*


UhOh! Thankfully I have never entered that command.


I had to stop it anyway, it was taking too long haha


It still would have fucked shit up I am guessing?


I was trying to get rid of windows in the most despicable way


Indeed it does.


LOL - I did much the same with my /home/chris/Music directory. Wanted to clear out some crap but forgot to unmount that share from the server before deleting… Whoopsie. Lost 1/2 the collection.
Fortunately, I had it rsync’ed to another drive.


Many years ago, I accidentally burnt a Ubuntu ISO to my external HDD that contained my Music.

I call that year “The Great Loss of 2010”


Lol, good one in there @Arcandres