Make us laugh



@nwg That really is very pretty.

Typical wet-mud S. Illinois Winter around here but excitingly enough, big changes coming for us and temps are really supposed to drop off. Giving us frozen… Mud, towards the end of the week.

Something to look forward to. :yum:


Every time I watch this video…:joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl:. If they do not put the subtitles, I only understand 'On the ghetto


Yep, that’s all I could get too :joy:


@Glenn The funniest thing of all is that it was on public television. Crazy 90s in Spain!!


You can hear people in the audience laughing too.


Yeees!! It looks like a comedy performance!!


Wonder if it wasnt a standup comedy out there @Negata

Edit : you beat me to it.


It was Elvis’ last big hit -


This song yes!!


Yep , the proper version


Elvis style - get to party, sing for 2 minutes, leave with woman in your convertible -

kind of miss the 60’s


These were the goods years.


The parts we remember anyway :sunglasses:


for you perhaps @altman. The day is already gone when you get up. You won the reward for …:joy:


Lol, just kidding @sevenday4


+1℃ and light rain here at the moment. Will be no snow in the morning.


Boy, it sure looked pretty for the picture though :slight_smile:


Long enough just to take a picture. :slight_smile:


Good Lord, Glenn - S. Illinois? Where abouts (roughly)?


Just South of Carbondale and way out in the country :slight_smile: Closest home here is 'bout a mile.