Make us laugh



I guess that means R and R, run and rescue for your wife. Poor wifey! :joy:
What ever you do, don’t go into the bottle to get that worm…ah, Glenn…Glennnnnn. Darn it! You went into the bottle, didn’t you!? :joy:


Not yet! But lookin’ forward to a little fun. Cleared to do what I want! woooHOOO!

Life’s a gift man, enjoy every nano second :grin::+1:


I can’t think that far in time. My attention span…now what was I going to say? Oh well, I’ll just continue to swim… :joy:


See? That’s how it starts.

You’re doomed Guy! :joy:


Don’t I know it! And here I thought it was due to old age! I think I need to see a counselor about my…damn Alzheimer, I forgot what I was saying, doing, and who the hell are you!? Oh well, I’ll just continue to swim…wait did I just stole my own words?:joy:


My door’s always open… No charge man!

Hehehe :joy:

It’s nice to be talkin’ with ya again Guy. :slight_smile:


That’s just great! An insane person going to another insane person for counseling! I tell yah, I don’t know where this world is going, but I want OFF! :joy:

Nice talking to you also Glenn. :grin:


What I used to tell clients…‘Takes one to know one’ :wink:


Now I know I’m at the right place. I’m talking to someone who is always at his computer…darn it! There I go, talking to myself… :joy:
If you need a hug-me-suit, I think I have extras. What size do you wear? Sorry, but the only one I have extra is the purple one with yellow monkeys hanging upside down from a neon green tree. :joy:


Gonna have to pass on yellow monkeys… They make me nauseous Hehehehe! :joy:


Now I know you’re monkeying with me. :joy: where’s my walker! Where do you live! I’m coming after you, it may take a century walking backwards with this stupid walker that only works backwards… :rofl:




NOOOOOOOOOO! The thoughts of my teenage years will be forever ruined!


I never found Cindy Crawford overly attractive. When I was younger it was Kim Basinger.


Now that’s hilarious! They do kinda look alike…:joy:


Bruce Jenner along with the Kardashians are a disease.


Kim Basinger-who?

No contest, Cindy! :stuck_out_tongue:


She hasn’t aged well.


Talk about having a gag reflex! Bruce has to make sure the man he wants is super wasted…
Kardashians who? Isn’t that disease like sphyllus?


Isn’t it odd how some people age extremely well ( Like me :smile: ) and others just seem to dry up and fade away?

–OR-- change sex.