Make us laugh



Since this movie first appeared, I only remember one single Xmas w/o it somewhere on TV. :slight_smile:



Guess she had too much already, wrong bar ! lol


Oh Trumpy, trumpy, trumpy, trumpy

“said to be one of the greatest of all time”

What drugs is this twit on?


The same kind he had when running his empire…ah, I mean his businesses, the almighty ego. Obama, both Bushes, Clinton also had this problem. Power corrupts absolutely. I do support my president, but that doesn’t mean I agree with them all the time.


Don’t forget I posted this as a laugh regarding his comment. Let’s not get into the nitty gritty of political happenings.


“I actually don’t have words to accurately describe the utter feeling of “what the fuck?” I feel”

Told ya I’d steal that :grin:

To be succinct… Opulence

The man has never wanted for anything and has no basis to relate his current position to an average human being who has had to work for what they may have.

Quite honestly, it’s truly not his fault.

PLEASE, don’t want a political rag match.


So that’s the feeling you get when you are quoted! It’s a nice feeling. :slight_smile:

You are quite right, but I’m not going to go any further into it for fear of a political discussion rearing it’s dirty head.


Understood @Dobbie03. Sometimes our political powers that be can be a great source of entertainment. Like watching a car crash, or watching someone’s home burning, and so forth… :joy:


Hahah yes they are. Sometimes they can also be a scary thing too.


Absolutely! Isn’t that why we celebrate Halloween? :joy:


That’s it! I’m not going to say anything because you will steal from me! Wait! Did I just say I’m not going to say anything? What was I thinking! It’s all your fault @Glenn! :joy::rofl:



I attend ‘word theft anonymous’ meetings three times a week.

I’m trying man, I’m really trying :joy:


The WTA huh? So how many ‘chips’ did you receive? Ice chips don’t count! :joy:
When I tried to join, all the did was give me a ‘hug-me-suit’, you know the one that’s purple with yellow duckys and said go away you quack… :joy::rofl::joy:


Yeah, that’s how they are with newcomers but once you read the Arch Wiki from cover to cover… They lighten up and accept you as one of their own! :grin:


That’s wiki…ah, ah, ah, I mean wicked! Yeah that’s the word… :joy:


If it’s a word… I’m stealing it.


You thief! That’s it! You lost all of the chips and are now restarting! You better go to a WTA meeting right away. What was the prayer you’re supposed to pray when you are about to pick up? :rofl::joy:


I’m thinkin’ there’s just no help for me @sevenday4 :slight_smile:

Think I’ll eat a worm (not the one @ the bottom of a tequila bottle) but perhaps on Christmas day… Think my boys will be gunning for me :open_mouth: