Make us laugh




lol, good one in there !



This made me laugh more than it should have


mash up






Awe… :blush:


lol, pretty much it in some cases! @Glenn


lol, good one in there


You might be a redneck if…


A giraffe walks into a bar and says; “The highballs are on me”
-Buddy Hackett


Good one in there @PackRat


@PackRat Funny! :joy:

What’s up with the dude in the white shirt? What kind of unibrow ignoranus chases a lawnmower (turn for turn) for twenty minutes? That was hilarious. Then of course, someone has to become the dramatic liar and tell the deputies the mower went in the street.


I want one of those! What a duffus. Chasing a lawnmower for almost twenty minutes. You would think that he would know that something is up when it keeps speeding up every time he tries to get on. This was too funny. Good job @PackRat for finding this. Even the cops were laughing.


Well , guess that he even has less brain cells than us old farts right ! lol


Yep! I think I can out think him with both brain cells tied behind my back! :joy::rofl::joy:



A new way to play pool ! lol