Make us laugh


What ever happened to growing old gracefully? Nature’s been relatively kind to me so far but there’s nothing wrong with losing your hair… Just a time saver really.

I’ll tell you man, if I ever get to the point of…

  1. A comb over, spray on or wig
  2. My belt line and nipples at the same level
  3. endlessly complaining about denture adhesive products and adult diapers

Marie has written permission to shoot my ass. :joy:


lol, that s a great one in there !@Glenn



Lol, remember that ad !


People must have been able to tell it was painted on??


@Dobbie03. I doubt some would ve been able figure it all.


Sure, after walking out in a slight breeze and they’ve got a swirling colored fog that follows them everywhere they go.


As I recall, it had a texture similar to the snow you spray on Christmas trees.



I know the feeling! You forgot to mention when they hear you coming because all your joints and back is cracking with each step. Just another way of cracking up! :joy:


@PackRat, I hope that isn’t a personal experience. Another form of smoke screen? :grin:


Did you just imply Mr. Rat’s a member of good standing in The Hair Club For Men? :rofl:


Well, he did say:

As I recall, it had a texture similar to the snow you spray on Christmas trees.

Its a good thing he didn’t say that he is the president for The Hair Club For Men! I’ve never seen a hairless rat before! :joy:


No, no, no - just old enough to remember that product from good old Ronco (they still around?). After it came out, people were complaining about it making their scalp itch, scratching it would turn your finger tips black, black stains on shower towels. Stuff wasn’t as waterproof as advertised. Back when SNL was funny, I think they did a sketch or two about it.

My hair has been receding since 4th grade; usually go with the Jason Stratham look these days.


And you never want to - it’s just wrong:


Poor thing! It’s sad when disease hits anything. @PackRat I don’t know if Rocco is still around. I don’t think that item is on the market anymore. I consider myself a desert rat because of the 36+ years of living in Arizona. But it was humorous the way you put your comment down. :grin:


That rat isn’t diseased. There is an actual hairless rat. Just like the cat and dog.


Oh, who woulda thunk. But these hairless creatures are cringe worthy regardless. I know that some people get these animals because they want a pet but are allergic to the pet’s dander.


Hey guys, try this on for size :grin::

Have fun ya all!


Lol, nice one in there ! @sevenday4