Make us laugh


Cry Havoc! and let slip the squirrels of war! :grin:


lol, funny one ! Got loads of squirrels here where I live !


@altman, I always knew that you were squirrely! Now we know why! :joy::rofl::joy:

That’s funny @Glenn! Maybe we should send them to our issue. Maybe they could be able to take care of him! :joy::rofl::joy:


Never under estimate a rodent!




Beware of the squirrels @sevenday4 ! lol


Guess he s going bananas right ! lol @sevenday4


Bottle of whiskey hooked up to a caulking gun is awesome. I bet I can make that work with a keg.


Oh nuts! We have squirrels doing the high wire act on power and telephone cables in our small towns.

This actually does happen around here. :joy:


Same here ! lol @sevenday4



oops -


@PackRat. Yep , saw this recently, pretty obvious right ! How come they haven t noticed it before s beyond me.



I wonder if he combs or paints his hair on every morning?


I reckon he paints it on. He will have a special face mask so he gets that widows peak just right.


So, we’ve got family for the weekend… Not the kids, that would be awesome ( but the kind you see every 5 years & that’s too much, kinda family)and all I want to do is slither away… Like the worm I am and play on the computer :crazy_face:


I heard he sprouts his hair. :grin:


lol, bad boy ! @sevenday4