Make us laugh


“sudo pacman -Syu”, what the heck is that? :grinning:


lol, back to the futur !

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In the end its all just so simple:
“Raise Salaries,
Stop prices raising”
Now why didn’t I think of that?
We’re all saved


@chroot Is that you?

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Call that number. See if they’re still in business.



This is from a review of XeroLinux,


Being an eye-candy desktop, the performance is impressive, in my opinion. Most of the RAM and CPU are used by Latte Docks and KWin. During idle state, it uses around 35% RAM, and 5 to 10% CPU, and the default installation size is around 10 GB.


:joy: :rofl::hot_face:

Come on @leigh!

You can’t price fix your way into Utopia … all those fancy fish 'n chips in your neighborhood will close shop. Then, you’ll eventually starve to death. We can’t let that happen to you.


No fish n chips around here, unfortunately :portugal:
Whats (not) funny is that lots of people must believe these kind of flyers
Maybe I should have posted it in ‘Make us cry’

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In August I got a global text from ‘Finanças’ - The Ministry of Finance


'We are pleased to announce that in order to keep you better informed, we have started a new monthly Newsletter, starting with Issue #1 August 2022.

Due to technical difficulties, Newsletter #1 is unavailable

Newsletter #2 will be delivered in September"

You have to laugh … :rofl:


Absolutely @leigh. :smile:

Oh boy, the deep state knows your hiding spot. :smiling_face_with_tear:

How thougtful & caring! Little do they know … you already blocked & reported as spam. :grin:

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A golden thought for Friday.


:rofl: :+1:

“At my age, I don’t even buy green bananas.” - Claude Pepper


Michael is 90 years old. He has played golf every day since retiring 25 years ago.
One day, he returns home completely discouraged:

  • It’s over, he said to his wife. I quit golf. My eyesight has gotten too bad…after I hit the ball, I can’t see where it’s going.
    To reassure him his wife said to him:
  • Why don’t you take my brother with you to golf and try one last time.
  • Your brother is 103! replies Michael. He can’t help me.
  • He may be 103 years old, said his wife, but he has perfect vision!
    So, the next day, Michel goes to the golf course with his brother-in-law.
    He puts his ball on the tee, swings, hits, then looks for the ball in the distance. He turns to his brother-in-law:
  • Did you see where my bullet went?
  • Of course I saw her. My vision is perfect.
  • Excellent ! Where is she ?
  • Reminds me more…

Four old men were playing a card game. One man went up to go to the boys room. After peeing, he forgot he’s in a game. He then went home directly. The three guys waited and waited but didn’t see the man coming back. They decided to give the guy a call to see what’s going on… Unfortunately, nobody remebered whom they were playing with.


It might happen to us too!

Lol, welocome to the OFC fellas !

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