Make us laugh


True but she put her a$$ in his face ! lol


He gives me the creeps! And his wife is not much better!


Instead of lap dancing, with him it’s face dancing!:grin:


They are like any other rich American political family, a disease.


Yep, Bushes, now Trump, wonder if one of his children will do the same.


If I was to choose a virus, I think I would rather have a computer virus than to deal with horrible virus, I mean people. :expressionless:


@altman probably mate. They have their foot in the door now.

@sevenday4 I know what you mean.


Hopefully it wont happen, enough of one already.


Playing in the ‘Bush’ are we? They are everywhere, politicians, actors, church members, and even in schools!


Yep @sevenday4 , the business/political ones.


Maybe their children will have their gender mixed up. This world is getting more bizarre by the moment! If any of these touches my daughter, I will get a shotgun and it won’t be for a shotgun wedding neither!:rage:


You bet. @sevenday4


like hell they do! Not while I’m sucking air. Call Elon and book um’ a one way trip to Mars, the Clintons can ride shotgun… On the nose cone.



They’re all like that -


must be in their DNA or something.




Pretty much it.@Glenn.



Back never, never surrender!!


Assimilating the idea… (get outta there insect) :joy: