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Here we see the more outgoing of the Goth breed, the rarely sighted Dancing Goth.

Normally a shy and reserved creature, these particular Goths are a little more showy than their counterpart the Classic Goth.

Normally a dose of Sisters of Mercy puts these outgoing little fellas back in their morbid, introveted mood though sometimes when they have been exposed to sunlight this can be easier said than done.

If you see one of these incredible specimens in the wild, whip your phone out and try and catch them on film, this is truly a sight to behold.


^ Hahahaha! :rofl:

Reading that sounded like David Attenborough, on one of his world nature expedition shows :grinning:


@Dobbie03 , lol, this with my black coffee this morning , hilareous !


:joy::rofl::joy: There’s times I wish I can do that to certain individuals. Classic!


I made a few adjustments for extra hilarity.


Enjoy :wink:


David Pecker is a personal friend of Trump and CEO of the parent company which publishes the National Enquirer and who has now been given immunity against prosecution



^ You just know MSNBC did not do that graphic by accident.


I imagine someone’s in deep shit one way or the other.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Pecker turns around and leaks his story about being questioned by the federales to the National Enquirer.


@PackRat Quite honestly, nothing would surprise me at this point.


The Classics -


lol^ An all time great.


I LOVE Monty Python.


Monty Python is full of spam! I thought we’re not to have spam on this forum! :joy:


This guy I hear is a professional muppet


P.S. Best Spiderman/Peter Parker IMO.


Who was filming me at work?


I guess this guy is full of hot air!:hushed:


Matt stop fooling around and get back to work!:grin: