Make us laugh


Funny, I wish there two of me,I can get twice as much done!:grin:


Duck Soup - definitely in the Top 10 of funniest movies ever made. The peanut vendor scene is epic Chico and Harpo.


Cute little dude finds out what a marker tastes like


@Dobbie03 , lol, poor little fella !


Oops! Poor little man! Well at least he’s not ‘marked’ for life. That probably ended his project!:open_mouth:


Lol, you bet !


I’m sure all press secretaries have wanted to do this:


lol, good one.




Gotta catch 'em all.


@Dobbie03 That’s funny as hell! :joy:

Been lmao for ten minutes over that!


Yeah I had a good giggle!


Lol, some other good ones in there !


@altman That damn Pokemon ball just about killed me… I laughed so hard, the wife came running in here to see what I was on about! :grin:


@Glenn. Lol, Don t scare your wife mate !


Yeah I love shit like that, I also love how they run after the vehicle that is speeding away. Like they can catch it!


LOL someone got found out




Ohhh shit, bet he won’t be doing that to her again. :grinning: