Make us laugh


@Glenn , that s pretty much what s planned from some companies sadly.


I like being a cave dweller :slight_smile:


@Glenn lol, We ll going back inti our man cave.


@altman Right!

Actually, I thought I had a man cave of sorts but Marie now calls it her Chick Lair . So, I give up :roll_eyes::grin:


@Glenn , lol, she robbed your place mate !


For @sevenday4 and @altman

My sympathies :joy:


lol, you bet mate ! Not easy behing an old fart !




:joy::rofl::joy: YEP, that sounds about right! I keep asking everyone wherever I go if they have a new body. I tell them I have number 1,000,001, but only 1,000,000 bodies were made! I have a think I an oil leak…:joy:


For @altman and @Glenn:

Bon appetit :grin:


@sevenday4 , The Carol Burnet Show ! lol doesn t help us Old Farts concerning our age right ! lol

Great one in there.


@sevenday4 The best clean comedy ever! Love that show.


Tells my age a little, but hey!:grin:


No @altman but we can laugh our way to the sunset. :grin:


@Glenn, yes but not too many comedians who can be truly funny in improv situations. The closest ‘modern’ comedian who came close was Robin Williams. But his type of comedy doesn’t seem to be as polished as Tim, Carol, Vicky, and Harvey!:grinning:


@sevenday4 , Yep, these were the original ones, can t be replicated today.


Williams was great at improv; especially with Johnathan Winters -


@PackRat , this is a good one in there.


speaking of improv and timing; hard to believe Groucho (left) and Harpo (right) did this entire scene without a mirror:


^ Hilarious and amazing.