Make us laugh


@sevenday4 , That s some speed of light in there mate ! lol As fast as me too!




@Dobbie03 , ;lol !


Does the Bermuda Triangle really make people magically disappear?


I just wanted to share a video of a funny event.










@Glenn , guess they don t like these ! lol


@altman Which? Women or a Prius? Hehe :sweat_smile:

Chicks can stay but the Prius has to go.


@Glenn , you bet the Prius has to go ! lol



Yep!!! Just ask my wife! And I love maybe eight of them.:sweat_smile:


Can I have one of those baskets and coffee tables, PLEASE!!!:joy:


Ha! yeah, I love all 10 of Mrs. Glenn but I’d be properly busted if she saw that post :grin:


Yeah!! you got a point. the Mrs. sevenday4 doesn’t like electronics, unless she absolutely has to use it. Then she says Honey, then hands me the offending devices. And when she needs me to help with the computer, it’s GUY!!! then I know she’s on the computer and is desperate for my help.:joy::rofl::joy:


Not really funny but true.