Make a video slideshow from photos

I’m looking for a basic program to take a collection of photos and create a video. Any suggestions are appreciated.



That is well beyond me, but I’d be interested to know as well.

If you have Thunar installed, go to Pictures, then you can open the pic when you can Right-Click Open With,I have Mirage , then you Right-Click again on the pic down the options to Start Slideshow.

Edit; I have both Thunar & Mirage installed, so I don t know if other ones work the same.

Here s a link that can help you out;


Using ffmpeg … here’s how I converted a folder of .png (images) to a mp4 (video) …

With 15 images in a folder, I simply renamed all 15 sequentially. In my case, from “image-1” to “image-15”. From there, I opened a terminal in that folder and created a slow motion video of those 15 files with the following command …

ffmpeg -framerate 1 -i image-%d.png video.mp4

The variables that you can adjust are -framerate (1 is very slow) and of course your video name (myvideoname.mp4).

In a sequential method, the “%d.png” will organize all of the images from 1-15.

Easy peasy.


ffmpeg is such a great program.

Yep, it was pretty easy @cog.

For a sequential slideshow video, I’d suggest first using an image batch renamer to say … rename all of the image files sequentially first. That makes the ffmpeg command more simple to interpret.

Definitely. A loop in bash would be perfect.

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Nice one, super easy.

Cool tip @GreenMartian

I wasn t aware that one could make slideshows out of ffmpeg !

One learns everyday right !

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