Major Announcement For ArchLabs


That was a good April fools joke. Lol if I had not known that it was April fools day, I would have thought that @Dobbie03 and @nate had fallen off their rockers!


Maybe already have?lol


To be honest, I think most of has. Lol At least we’re having fun doing so. Lol


Exactly. I’m glad this April Fools went down well. I did have another one but I will save that for next year.


Unless you find something funnier, like your computer on fire and you’re still tapping at the keyboard.


To bad you let the cat out of the bag early.


It was the 1st for me, its one of the downsides to being from the future.


Well at least we can see your mistakes so that we won’t make the same one in the future! You’re patient zero! Lol


As you probably all worked out, I was talking out my arse. Hope everyone had a fun April Fools.