Major Announcement For ArchLabs


As you know ArchLabs is going from strength to strength. What you might not know is that Nate and I are budding Old School HipHop artists in the vein of N.W.A. We are one of the first Multi-National Old School Rap collectives in the world. Meaning that @nate and I collaborate just like we do in ArchLabs, via the internet.

You probably might have seen us on you tube? DJ Flow Automator Matty-Mac and Fresh Funk Dominator Nate-Shot. Our demo entitled “Smokin’ Up A Storm” hit Bandcamp a wee while back.

Our album “Smoking Up a Storm in L.A.” was just picked up by the Wu-Tang Clan guys, RZA and Method Man. Our manager tells us they were hugely impressed. They asked as to join the Wu Tang Clan as contributing members!!!

So very exciting. I know you might be thinking I’m full of shit as I am a very vocal Metalhead but it goes to show that you don’t know everything about someone just from their internet forum behaviour.

As you can expect this will impact our output for ArchLabs, but never fear, we aren’t going anywhere.

Check out our video for “Blunt-tastic Tales from the Underground” here.

I forgot to add our Official website details Nate&


so full of it…lol


As long as you don’t end up like him


Oh shit, there goes any chance of him collaborating with @nate and myself. That was awful.


Unfortunately it is not my kind, I never loved it and I will not even love it today.
But I wish you the same a great fortune.


Thank you. Just take a second and think what 1st April normally brings with it…:wink:


Good one guys :rofl:


Damn. lmao :rofl:


Why is everyone laughing? Is it because we are white? Can’t white people do Hip-Hop? I know we can’t jump.

Hahaha kidding.


Whaaa, I thought y’all were green? Have I been living in a lie this entire time? o:


hahaha, nah I look exactly like my user pic, except I don’t have long hair, my face painted and headphones like that. So in fact I look nothing like my user pic!?!


This is me on the right getting some coaching:

She’s a very tall lady, I’m 6’1" and she towers over me.


that’s it, I’m installing Windows ME


hahaha, sounds legit.


And in other news:



That Hitler is a wiley bastard. He’s still above ground?


Man, I literally cried :’)


Na… Actor recreation… Pretty good though.


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