Main yay developer has stepped away and started own helper, paru


LOL, it happens. :smiley: My autotiling script was intended to be as short and simple as possible. At the moment a half of the code comes from contributors, and is unnecessary IMO. If it was a more serious project, I’d do the same.

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Thx for sharing @Dobbie03

Thanks @Dobbie03

I thank you @Dobbie03 for info about yay and paru.
I did the usual “tweaks” with ccache, swappiness, cachepressure and what not but I still found yay a bit slow.
I went with baph and that was much faster! Paru is also much faster than yay.
I will go with baph from now on.


I’m using Paru because it feels faster than yay, but sometimes when paru fails to install or update some packages I found that pamac cli does it without having to do any extra steps.

Can anyone name some important differences between yay/paru and pamac cli?