Magnet and Torrent links

Archlabs Linux used to offer a magnet or torrent link for downloading the distro. This might be uMatrix making my browser blind, but I can’t find it at Get ArchLabs – ArchLabs Linux and ArchLabs Linux - Browse Files at

Since I like to save the project bandwidth (and money?) and I like the idea of bittorrent as such for various reasons I would happily seed the last two or three .isos on one of my rootservers, as long as leechers don’t exceed my traffic limits.

Somebody else interested in seeding my favourite distro?

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I can seed. Gotta maintain those private tracker ratios as is anyhow

This is where I am regularly looking for torrents’s projects that I like, and I seed them as long as I can
It could be a good idea to post your link over there.

There are some old Archlabs iso already, but not the last one (beta)

Can you not whitelist the addresses? Give me a moment and I will get the new one up on a torrent.


cool, seeding it 24x7

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Thanks Dima, I am also seeding :smiley:

seems expired…

Can you not whitelist the addresses?

Whitelisted scripts and XHR for,,,,, and, unless there it’s an “ad” subdomain, on

On there have been no 3rd parties scripts embeded. I respect that.

Sorry the site keeps logging me out and I didn’t notice.

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localhost:9091/transmission/rpc/ responded: “success”

leeching and soon seeding


@Dobbie03 Thanks, i take it and seed
Its seems this file contain a virus or malware (firefox message)

Thanks, appreciate that.

Come the next release, I’ll add a torrent option.

Could you be a bit more specific?

The site or the torrent file?

The torrent file you downloaded is not executable and searchsploit gives me

$ searchsploit transmission
--------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
 Exploit Title |  Path | (/usr/share/exploitdb/)
--------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
MapInfo Discovery 1.0/1.1 - Cleartext  | exploits/asp/webapps/24370.txt
Transmission - Integer Overflows Parsi | exploits/multiple/dos/44178.txt
Transmission - RPC DNS Rebinding       | exploits/multiple/remote/
--------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
Shellcodes: No Result
Papers: No Result

If dobbie03 would want to hijack your bittorrent client he had to use a zeroday-exploit and I doubt firefox could detect a zeroday. As maintainer of archlabs Dobbie had much easier means to get control over your system.

Anyway I doubt Dobbie would want that and I doubt Dobbie’s system is pawned. However this is a nice thought-provoking exercise. For instance how could one further exam the 27K torrent file?

I would never do those things mentioned above, even if I wanted to I literally am far too dumb to know how.

Very strange why FF gave you that warning. Maybe it was because of how I created the torrent or the trackers I used?

Either way, I prefer Sourceforge for delivering our ISO to you all.

the file sorry.
after dowloaded by firefox and link to open with transmission , firefox say that this file contains a virus or malware
and if choose to save it, same message and the size file is 0k.

Just had a thought, I wonder if the link shortener is the issue? I’ll upload it elsewhere for download and let me know if it gives the same issue or not.

Try this and tell me if you get the same please:

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@Dobbie03 all is fine with this file
Many thanks i seed :wink:

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