Magna Carta for Internet?

Take a look at this you all! Something big is on the horizon:

Internet Magna Carta


I like this guy and I agree with him.

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I don’t know man, maybe I am too cynical, but do you honestly believe this will change anything?
A lot of those big players are practically built on data mining and exploiting ‘privacy’ in one way or another so I can not imagine they will willingly cut off their own legs…
Doesn’t mean I do not agree but I feel like this will be more hot air than anything else.


I do not much agree, internet for i.m.h.o. it must be free for good or ill, when there is control there is no longer freedom, but then again it is only my opinion.
I see him more control over everything that happens, and I do not think the interlocutors of our privacy.

Thx for sharing, will read it later on, might be interesting . Thx @sevenday4

I don’t know, Google may try to sideline this project. When I said something big is on the horizon, I meant that there is going to be a battle. But one could always hope that this could benefit all who use the Internet.