Macbook pro no longer wake on lid/screen open

Not sure what has changed recently. I’ve not installed anything new, just updates. When I close the laptop the screen shuts off, but when I open it later, no screen. The laptop is clearly on, but nothing I do seems to wake it. I must use the power button to shutdown. Then, I have to turn it back on. I tried tweaks suggested in A little question! but changes in logind.conf didn’t seem to fix it.

Ideas and thoughts would be appreciated. Of course, the screaming fast boot time of AL makes this issue less of a bother. I am just wondering what happened. I should probably boot to OS X and double check it isn’t hardware.

It wouldn’t hurt to check the hardware through MacOS just to remove the possibility of hardware issues @sikkdays:thinking:

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It wasn’t any fun, but I did it. :crazy_face:

So it wakes when I’m on the super slow and boring MacOS side.
Before this issue started, I would open the laptop and the screen would remain blank until I hit a key. When it returned, it was not locked, that is did not require a password.

Perhaps it is less about waking my screen and more about my keyboard?

EDIT: I was never using xfce power manager before. I just checked it out and with it running I can open and close the lid. Hmm. I suppose I can run it. I just figured the less things running the better on this 9 year old boat anchor.

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Can always make it into a frisbee if it misbehaves next time… :rofl: