Loving ArchLabs


Hi, I just want to say thank you for creating such amazing distro, even if it isn’t a big one, you can tell the effort it has.

I discovered ArchLabs browsing in /r/unixporn, I love minimalism, so I though it was moment to left KDE and all that sophisticated effects. I was going to install Arch again but in my 2nd drive which had only files, then I saw some post with ArchLabs and I decided to take a look and… Oh my! It was perfect.

This is my current setup.


@Arcandres Looks good!




Fantastic job. :grin:


Hello @Arcandres , welcome to the ArchLabs forum


Well done and welcome!


Welcome aboard @Arcandres . Looks real good !


Thank you and welcome.


yet !! :smiley:

Welcome !


Looking good, and glad you’re enjoying it!


Looks good man.