Love baph but the problem is

You can just grab the baph repo and manual install, editing the baph script you have in /usr/bin isn’t advised as it’ll get overwritten with updates.

doas pacman -R archlabs-baph
git clone
cd baph
sed -i 's/sudo/doas/g' baph
doas make install

I wouldn’t call this a permanent solution as you’ll need to do this anytime you want to update baph itself, in the future I’ll make the sudo command configurable by the user probably through an environment variable (like EDITOR)


thanks i will be waiting that feature

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You should get a new update for archlabs-baph (v1.3) that will switch which privilege escalation program it uses.
sudo → doas → su - depending on which is available (su being the default as it’s always there). The AUR package has also been updated.

I know you removed this but I noticed the same thing this morning and I’ve switched to tags which are versioned the same as the package. The main reason most people use the -git package naming is to avoid confusion when using the git HEAD for packaging and the git commit hash as the version which can get messy as the package manager thinks you have a newer package than the upstream.

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