Love baph but the problem is

Hi everyone! i just switched to Archlabs like 2hours ago and now changing my settings (everything is working fine for now) but there is a problem with baph it’s not a massive one but i just want to know about it. I hate being bloated for some reason so I always install doas to use instead of sudo so I always edit my aur helpers to use doas like paru i can change the settings smoothly. I tried to remove sudo after editing my baph config (like replacing all sudo with doas) and it works ! but the problem is everytime i try to remove sudo this output show
“:: removing sudo breaks dependency ‘sudo’ required by archlabs-baph” so yeah anyway to solve this? I am still learning about Arch and Window Mangers and this is my first time using forum so sry plz help me if i don’t know sth.
Long live ArchLabs !

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That might be something makepkg related and out of baph’s reach as makepkg uses sudo by default. @natemaia please advise

yeah it is, i can update using baph -u but i can’t install dependencies if i want to install packages from aur

Well good luck. I would just use sudo unless using a BSD variant.

You could always customize makepkg but the rewards might be more bloated on the maintenance end than just using proven sudo.

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lol ok, anyway doas is pretty good you shouldn’t avoid it just bcoz it is BSD variant

yeah you are right, customizing makepkg can be more bloated than using sudo

I use gentoo primarily so that’s kind of my angle. But yeah you could make it work with lots of work and not much reward.

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Welcome to AL BTW.

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Post your desktop on the screenshot page and get to know everyone. We don’t rice around here though. We sear lean steaks.

there is screenshot page? I will post my screenshot soon after finishing my xfce + i3wm combination, i am not good at ricing anyway

I use xfce too and archlabs chief maintainer’s own WM, “dk”. It’s way better than i3.

so dk is al chief maintainer’s own wm? amazing i will try it now coz i haven’t even installed i3-wm yet but i am still learning to use WM so not sure if i can use it

Just follow his instructions to configure

You can baph install dk as it’s in the aur now.

dk is really similar to setup to bspwm if you’ve done it before.

wow it’s cool

but not sure if i can use it with xfce

I wouldn’t. I use them separately.

ig u can do the same way like disable xfwm and xfdesktop in xfcesession and add dkwm in autostart

Didn’t know you meant together. i3 might be way better for that use case.