Lost sound on AL JWM

Probably just a faux pas on my part, but i can’t seem to fix it. With a swollen finger from bathing a sick cat (long story), i tried to adjust the volume via the bar icon while watching youtube. Suddenly i am muted. I can mute/unmute from the icon, right click and turn my default volume to 9, and turn the volume up on youtube. No change. I can’t hear a thing. Any ideas of another setting where i can fix this? Many thanks from the resident dummy!

Try running the commands directly in a terminal and note any error messages.

You using the default pulseaudio or did you switch to alsa?

You likely have multiple outputs available and it’s picking the wrong default.

This isn’t a jwm or al issue, just seems like a change to either pulse, alsa, kernel, systemd, etc. has introduced this (at least for me) I’ve got the same issue recently: sometimes when I boot the default output is the HDMI audio on my GPU which is not what I use (and isn’t even connected), I just have standard 2.1 audio through the headphone jack.

For me all I do is open pavucontrol and in the configuration tab I disable outputs I don’t want, HDMI out in this case

Hey Guys,
Thanks for the replies! I didn’t intentionally switch default audio settings, but may have done so inadvertently. My old jwm install on AL didn’t have an audio icon in the bar by default, so i somehow created one in my jwm config. When AL added jwm in the last release (thank you so much!) i reinstalled AL selecting only jwm to try it out. After adding my own jwm config files i had 2 volume icons in the bar. I, again somehow removed 1 of them. The one i have now, upon right click Preferences shows Alsa “device Default, Channel Master.” Clicking on Open Mixer does nothing.

When i type pavucontrol in terminal a blank box appears that says “Establishing connection to PulseAudio. Please wait…” And nothing ever happens.

Whatever i did originally has worked fine until a couple nights ago when i accidentally changed something trying to adjust the volume via the bar icon. Hardware is fine- audio works as usual on other distros in my multiboot. It is not browser specific as 2 installed browsers in AL are mute.

I re-installed pavucontrol, but no change.

Man, I’m confused.

Sounds like you don’t have pulse running and are using alsa, try adding to one of your startup files

pulseaudio --start &