Lost polybar after upgrade, and the zshell does not have the pretty icon anymore, :-(

After the upgrade today (returning from the break),

  1. I lost the pretty appearance of the Zshell (I can live with that), but more annoyingly
  2. I lost the polybar. Searched through the forum and the announcements and change logs, system is updated ("starting full system upgrade " >> “there is nothing to do”).
    Read almost all the forum posts on the topic, nothing seems to work for me. I have not downgraded the archlabs-pipemenu, and a reinstallation of archlabs is out of question for me as I have been using it almost as a main production machine for months now and need to work on critical papers and analyses.
    Would be good to have the polybar.

Hi @arinbasu, Have you tried this from last announcement? Some packages were in conflict

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Are any error messages returned if you try to start polybar from a terminal?

In respect of zsh, what exactly do you mean by “lost the pretty appearance”?

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Install the following package and it should fix the polybar issue

pacman -S archlabs-scripts

If you get conflicts with existing files you can remove them.

Afterwards to launch the bar you can log out, reboot, or run the startup script


You’ll have to give more info regarding the shell issue for me to be any help.

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Thanks a million again, for your responses.
Everything works again!
:-), as for the zshell, with archlabs-script in place, al-info works as expected with the “pretty asciiart” and all the information I grew used to while using z shell.
Must say this is the great thing about archlabs linux, a superb community!

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