Lost boot entries, now can't decrypt home partition

Okay, so this one is bit odd. I was working with my hackintosh volumes, trying to recover the Yosemite installation when I ran into a problem that I had to clear cmos for. As such, I lost all my boot entries. I used an archlabs livedisk and efibootmgr to re-add the archlabs boot entries. All seemed fine, but systemd hangs on boot because it cannot decrypt my home partition and it drops me into and emergency session.

I’ve tried everything I can think of to just decrypt my home partition, but cryptesetup yields an error (-1), and the archlabs installer mounting options claim success, but crypthome never becomes a mountable option. I’ve tried decrypting it with crypto_keyfile.bin but that does nothing either.

I have most important things backed up so It isn’t the end of the world to lose the partition, but I would still like to recover it as some things aren’t.

I feel like there is something obvious I am missing, so please feel free to point it out.


Edit: I should add that cryptsetup does not even prompt me for a password to unlock the disk.

Why did you clear your cmos again? What OSs are on that hdd? Before clearing your cmos, you should always remove passwords and remove decryptions. I’m not sure if you can save anything on that hdd. I’ll do some research. I need to know what motherboard you have in order to possibly figure a way out of this. Also, if you have an efi system, you should always copy and save your efi partition somewhere other than your system.

By that, do you mean clone and save to a drive (thumb or other external drive) dedicated as a backup?

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You got it! Because the encryption key was stored in cmos, the possibility of trying to retrieve any data from hdd may be impossible. As I said, I’ll need to do some research. @tay_jacs do you have another computer or access to one? You may have to download and burn a cmos recovery program. As I said, we may not be able to do anything. But I’ll try my best to guide you.

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@sevenday4 A lot transpired while attempting to recover my MacOS install, and ultimately the computer became unbootable so clearing CMOS was the only way to coax any semblence of life out of it. It really shouldn’t have been an issue, but something with my install was really off. Still not quite sure what.

The only thing thing on the drive was the home partition. I still have complete access to / and /boot, and was able to reset boot entries, just no /home to boot into. I don’t think the CMOS tool will be of much help because of the fact that the machine state was unbootable in its most recent configuration before clearing, but the board is an AsRock z97 Extreme6.

As I said it would have been a long shot. Are you on desktop? Because you don’t have to encrypt it unless others are trying to use it where it’s located. Laptop, yeah I would encrypt. But for your machine to just freeze isn’t something that is ordinary. But you may have to wipe your hdd in order to use those partitions that are affected. Have you tried to reformat your home partition?

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@sevenday4 I figured. Thank you anyway. There wasn’t much on there I wasn’t prepared to lose, was more a convenience/curiosity thing above all else. I usually encrypt all personal data by default, but I normally do manual decryption at boot. Decided to try out letting grub handle things this time around. and it probably would not have been an issue were it not for me wanting to mess with my hackintosh. On the plus side, this finally motivated to me to get involved with the forums, so their is that.