Looking forward to adding Chinese language support and targeted improvements

First of all, because I am not an English speaker, please forgive my poor English.

I recommend that the new version could be more friendly to non-English speakers, such as adding Chinese language support?

For reasons known to all, mainland China cannot access Google, YouTube, twitter, facebook, and ins. . . . Is there a potential bug in China?It is not known whether the networking error during the installation of the new version is related to this.

Looking forward to archlabs getting better and better. Thank you.


Hi @ArchZ we are working on other languages through the help of many volunteers. We have a post where you can get information and advice here:


Welcome aboard and thank you for your support.

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Thanks Reply. During the installation process, the network connection speed is still very low, probably only 50KB per second. Modifying the /etc/pacman.d.mirrorlist file is also useless.

Have you tried rankingmirrors command?

Yea this certainly could cause issue with some of the network checks.
Can you access something like duckduckgo?
If not, how do you test for network connectivity during a stock Arch install?

Working together I can easily change and fix things to improve it for users, just need a good place to start?

Regarding translations

If you are serious and want to help then the best way to contribute is:

  1. For the installer:

    • git clone https://github.com/ARCHLabs/Installer
    • two directories inside: /src and trans/ you can find existing translation files here,
      PLEASE use the english version for reference as the other languages also need work
    • make a pull request to the repo and I’ll merge your changes
  2. For other packages

    • git clone the relevant repo from https://github.com/ARCHLabs
    • most do not have translation files, they will need to be made (shell script experience required)
      anywhere is a good start, so if you want to take a plunge and do it be my guest, I’ll help anywhere I can

I work full time, on my off time I do all the packages and iso building for AL, I really dont have time to go through a rewrite of everything to support translation files, however I realize that it would be nice (or even required for some). I’m more than willing to take any help I can get, but I dont want just a bunch of talk and nothing getting done, results are key.

Really appreciate the post and offers/ideas, hit me up if you still want in on some translation work and I’ll make it happen


You may also want to try modifying /mnt/install/etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist but this file is first ranked with reflector to use the fastest mirrors during install, If after you still have slow connection prehaps my ranking command is flawed

Arch, I know that there are restrictions for accessing the internet in China, but how do you access sites like AL forums and such?

Not all websites are blocked. In fact, only the government thinks that the blocked websites will be blocked, such as Google, Facebook, etc. Others have almost no problems, such as github, stackoverflow.
So I can access AL. There is almost no problem with this. It is only slightly slower. XD

But the biggest impact on me is that Google is blocked, so I can only take other measures to use the best search engine in the world. The second Android development site associated with Google is also almost inaccessible. So Android developers in China can only solve their own network problems or use mirror stations.

In addition, “VPN” is a banned word in China Network space and it is almost impossible to search for tutorials that teach you how to use VPN. = =|||

I see. I was just wondering if the Chinese government was relaxing its restrictions a little bit. If you have questions, we’ll do our best to get the information for you. I’m guessing DuckDuckGo is out of the question too. My guess is that your internet is being throttled because it is being looked at before it gets to you. And as you said those sites that the government deems unsuitable are being blocked.

Thanks .

I have finish my translate work,but I have no idea to push github. = . =.

can i send the .trans file to your email?


I merged it last night and have been getting it all integrated with the installer, I also switched any network checks that use ping google.com to use github.com instead. Would you like to test an iso @ArchZ?

If you cannot access this link then I will upload to sourceforge after some testing https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rt80_cI0Siu-u61BudECn9mPD-ZGCy8N

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Good work on that translation @ArchZ

of course.

Unfortunately, no. I can’t access Google sites except Google.cn.


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I will get you a link that is accessible, apologies.

thanks a lot.

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I’ve uploaded it to sourceforge, just look for the 2018.06 iso


Please let me know if you have any issues, no announcement or anything has been made so I still have time to make corrections if needed



Anyone having issues with al-hello not realizing that it is connected to a network? Please Connect to a Network Before Continuing keeps flashing on and off every 10-20 seconds. I can install some of the apps if I use the right click menu, but can’t install all of the apps I want after installing one item from sub menu.

I have figured out how to get around the pesky ‘Please Connect to a Network Before Continuing’ issue. I went to /usr/bin/al-hello then I removed the following lines by putting a hashtag in front of this line, like so:

I went to line 111 and put a hashtag at the beginning, like so:


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Firstly, I’m really not sure why you are having the connection issues.

Next up, since checkConnection() is a function you only need to comment the one line where it is called.

I’m not sure how they’re not neccesary, if you don’t have a connection to the internet, nothing in al-hello will work and it’ll throw errors, it relies on downloading and installing packages