Looking for willing testers

Hi ArchLab People.

Nate is working on getting LUKS working with a dual boot of windows and ArchLabs. Anyone who can help out, please hit myself or Nate up either here or PM.

Please post feedback here.

Hey Matt, I have a couple laptops that could be used for testing. One BIOS and one BIOS/UEFI. They both have some version of Windoze (7/10 respectively, I think). If you need a couple of boxes and a tester with half of a clue just let me know. It would be mutually beneficial.


There is the new testing repo you could add? Thanks for the offer and if you want to add feed back, let me know and I will upgrade you to user level 4 so you can view the feedback topic.

My laptop runs windoze and linux mint. If I could be of help, I will. Am not v. knowledgeable though, but willing learner. Cheers

ok for me, I have some ssd empty.
i just need to found a window installer first.

Herro can I R has test nu feetyurs?!


Anyway. This is an old thread.