Looking for some changes/motivation/ideas

hi all,

Here is my i3wm visual,

I am running i3-gaps, polybar, picom.

Any suggestions/opinions on making some changes.
I want to refresh it a bit but I am not too sure where !

Dual Screen

It’s a personal taste thing. You have to find stuff you like yourself. Some posts on Unixporn or DeviantArt may help.

Yes, it is like @chroot says, look around a bit. Then again, if you look in our forum people like @icebird and @womp (and i forget many also by saying this) are making fantastic styling of their desktops and WM’s. I’d suggest seeing a style you like in our screenshot threads and then asking the poster how he made it happen. Most of that stuff is interchangeable across WM’s mostly and can be applied to i3 also.

I’ll tell you what I’d do, but the other fellas are right it’s very personal and you just need to try stuff out.

  • Ditch the bars, in the very least make them hidden unless you really need it. Unnecessary information overload.
  • Remove almost all the gaps, you already have good size active borders.
  • Switch everything that isn’t GUI to Terminus font and make the font sizes consistent across applications.
  • Remove wallpaper, with no gaps you really should never see the desktop and you’re using it for applications. It’s a nice wall though.
  • Remove compositor and use driver vsync/tear-free options, you don’t seem to use much transparency anyway and shadows are kinda faux pas on tiling windows imo. You should also get a noticeably snappier feel from everything.
  • Crunch down your shell prompt a bit so it’s not as clustered, keep it 50 characters or less (smaller terminal font would also help with this).

I’ve found this to be my perfect setup over the years. It’s not like you can’t tweak some gaps, run a bar, and set a wallpaper to take some nice screens whenever. For me it’s all about simplicity and maximizing my time/space in applications, whether it’s admin tasks, gaming, editing, or browsing doesn’t matter.


I think you got some good points there.

In facts. I never had any use for Picom as a whole. It prob takes my RAM hahaha

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It’s not really about overhead so much, though compositors do generally hit the cpu pretty hard for short bursts.

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You should be using your driver’s built in option, what’s your gpu?
Nouveau - ArchWiki (actually requires compositor)

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Use this

sudo cat > "/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf" <<- EOF
Section "Device"
	Identifier  "Intel Graphics"
	Driver      "intel"
	Option      "TearFree" "true"

Then set the compton/picom vsync option to none, it will require a reboot or a restart of the X server but it should be a better experience and faster.

If you don’t like it then sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf and reset the picom/compton vsync option

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The tearfree option for the installer will do exactly this for your system, it just has chances to cause issues with other hardware and isn’t default in the installer

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Use the -t switch.

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@stilia.johny : this is just in :wink: Ricing and Scripting i3wm for Fun and Profit - LIVE! - YouTube

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Well, I just fiddle around! Nothing special about that.



Ricing is another way to kill time. :grinning:


This guy has come a long way from he’s early tubes. Likeable

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Yes, agree. I like the channel also. Not everyday, but at least 4 out of 7 he’s dealing with sth i’m interested in.

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aw, love that guy… also love his raw videos that he doesn’t give an F about editing !!!
I wish I could do that too!