Looking for some advice


Most people when given time will show astounding traits. The smaller the community, the more likely you’ll have great neighbors. I find that coldness really comes from the big city folks. I am not saying all that live in large cities are like that. But unfortunately, most are too preoccupied to be neighborly in this environment.


Sorry but I just couldn’t resist!

Oh bleeeeeeep part II

The wacky world of trees! :astonished:


Is the tree not climbable?

I’ve done a lot of sketchy stuff to trim trees down (mexican arborist) :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, me too when I was your age and up until the day I discovered, I was mortal after all :stuck_out_tongue:

No, ‘Homey don’t play that game’… Not anymore.

It is Nate but really only to about the 30ft level, the log is caught up in the canopy, at least twice that high.


Ahh I got ya, it’s waayy up in the top soft branches, unfortunate.


Wait til leaves drop off>>should have more visibility>> then use drone or arrow to get strong fishing line across>>replace with stronger line if needed>>hook to a machine and pull in appropriate direction to minimize potential damage if needed - i.e. tractor, atv, utv, pickup, energetic human. If using drone have decent sized fishing weight so it drops thru branches better.

another way to use drone is to use very large fishing hook with heavy fishing line, like saltwater strength line.

possibly construct potato gun and attach line to it (this would be the most fun imo) all you have to do is get some line started over it then work up from there. even if you catch some smaller branches in the canopy NP just pull them down with it OR they snap back

I suggest an ample supple of domestic beer if attempting the potato gun idea, thus even in abject failure to attain goal after so many beers failure is acceptable.

I have rented a man lift from a rental shop many times to work on the home I just sold, was less than 200$ US for a 30+ footer, I’m sure someone rents a 60 footer somewhere? From experience try to drop log away from man lift base (very unnerving) or cut it into manageable chunks with chain saw and lower with appropriate rope or cable. Uggh … thats to much man to much $

“I’ve done a lot of sketchy stuff to trim trees down (mexican arborist) :stuck_out_tongue:” yah me too


@FluffyUnicorn Thanks man, I appreciate that.

Problem solved, I called the tree trimming service expecting some confrontation about the limb being in a different tree than the one they contracted to remove and got nothing but wonderful service.

Tree dude came out early in the week and had a look, agreed it was from the original giant oak they removed and with our insurance company reopened the claim, brought one of their big trucks back out and lifted the limb from our tree. It weighed 193lbs and obviously would have killed anyone near had it come down unexpected.

It’s amazing something of that mass could rest itself within the canopy of a living tree and because of the foliage, go unseen by both the tree service and us until the trees began losing their leaves.

Anyways man, problem solved safely. Thank you to all! :grin:


Excellent! Glad it worked out for you @Glenn. And without having to pay $8000 for unnecessary tree removal. And no more worries about a 193 lb log falling on someone. I really think that you made the right call about your neighbor’s kid trying to get it down. If that fell wrong…


Glad it worked out at the end for you guys. Might have been stressful a bit @Glenn .


@sevenday4 & @altman Thanks fellas, yeah… It’s a big worry I need not have any longer :grin: