Looking for some advice


Nooooo, love my trees! :wink:


Oddly enough, I too am facing the same situation. I can at least access it with a 30 foot ladder. Jut need the weather to cooperate a bit. But hella yeah - those spear like ones are nasty. Fortunately for me, its in the back yard and kids don’t go back there.

Not sure what the laws are like by you, Glenn - but need to be mindful that sometimes acts of God are just that. Kinda like one might be better off not shoveling the sidewalk in case someone slips and sues for shoveling it incorrectly. Sadly, that appears how some folks are. But damned dude - more than 60 feet up? Not something I would want to try on my own.

Too bad - it sounded like the drone would be a good option.


Yes, exactly that Chris… We watch and wait but that damn thing won’t fall. It’s waaaay to high for a ladder.

Thanks man :slight_smile:


Can you pay out of pocket, then make an insurance claim?


$8000 to remove a tree? Are they going to build a swimming pool in its place? I love how your next door neighbor are a mile away. I wish we had that situation. But, back to the subject. As @altman and @PackRat suggested, I would find several other bids if possible. I have been racking my two brain cells on this one. It’s also hard to make suggestions without actually being there to situation. But, having your neighbor’s kid standing right under that thing… yeah, I agree, not a good idea. Sorry man, I wish I could help. In this case a professional tree service is the way to go. But, NOT for $8000. I think that guy had one too many tree branches fall on his noggin!


Hahaha! I don’t think you guys understand. It’s called a a tree extraction round here. We’re talking about a tree almost 5 feet in diameter that was laying upon not only our home, detached garage but our shop. This tree was a monster fellas :slight_smile:

Yeah, the drone idea was a good one but can’t in good conscience allow a child to take that risk.

The best and most responsible course of action is, call someone qualified to the task.


Okay, I see what you are saying. Tree service it is.


Call the fire department and tell them a cat is 60 feet up. When they get there, distract them and go up the ladder and cut away?!?!?! :wink:


:joy::rofl::joy: if only it was that easy!


HA! Oh, how I wish I could but we don’t even have a fire department! Hehe!




Just don’t hire this guy:

Tiiiiiiimmmmmbbberrrr oops


Yeah…lol !!! :joy:

We absolutely love this place. It’s a 120 year old two story farm home that we renovated but damn guys… It took me nearly 45min to get to work from here. There is nothing out here but beans, corn and old neighbors… Kinda nice really :slight_smile:


I think I see a tree meme war is coming… :joy:


Here is a set of tree felling experts for your enjoyment:

Oh bleeeeeeep


Thanks man, feel much better now LOL :joy:


My friend and I goes tree cutting for fire wood, until this year that is, every year. I have never seen such misfits… until my neighbor that is. We put in a brand new fence. Two months later, part of fence gets replaced by said neighbor. Some people should never own a chainsaw much less a pair of little kids safely scissors. :joy:


Heeehee! After the tornado and it wasn’t that big a deal, we heard this chug chug chug and here’s this guy on an old Case tripod tractor, he says ’ looks lik yuv got t’ tree problem thar’ and then (literally in his 90’s) gets off the old Case and begins to help us out. Name is Gail, been farming this land for generations, never knew the man before but our family’s have become one.


Sometimes that’s all it takes :slight_smile: we as people, have become too isolated and insulated. It’s always a nice little chuckle for me to see the Mrs. freak out when we lose electricity for more than an hour. Me, I take advantage of the quiet. Sounds like you be somewhere doing some country livin, Glenn


Yes sir and despite being back here for nearly 20 years, I’m still amazed by the humanity of everyday people. I grew up and spent most my life on the west coast, have multiple piercings in my ears but these people… despite time and space, accept me as one of their own.

… And 20 years later, still look different but fit in like a glove :slight_smile: