Looking for some advice

Due to the plethora of smart people here, thought I’d seek some advise.

After a tornado earlier this year and the costly removal of my favorite oak tree, another problem has presented itself.

Directly above our garage and 60 feet above in another tree, lies a branch from the oak tree once removed. It’s literally spear shaped, 5 inches in diameter, 15 feet long and seemingly ready to fall at any time but hasn’t. Neither Marie or I have parked in our garage, walked under or allowed anyone near, in fear it will fall. Have tried to dislodge the damn thing with a rifle and shotgun ( w/ both buckshot and slug ) but it won’t fall. The neighbor suggested to allow his grandson to fly a drone and drop a fish-line with weight–> string–> rope attached but to do so, requires the kid to be directly under it… Not happening. Of course, thought about calling tree dudes again but damn, 8000.00 the last time to cut and remove one tree.

Any ideas?

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$8000 fucking dollars? Are they planning on using an Apache Helicoptor to remove it?

If I lived in your area, I’d suggest my cousin but as I don’t… Is there any way you can get ropes around it, two on either end and side. Using those ropes do like a controlled fall? Keep tension on one side while the other pulls it free?

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Hahaha! yeah 8 grand man. Just about stroked out. No, it’s really in a precarious spot and elevation. Getting close to Winter here and despite several storms, the damn thing won’t fall. Looking to call the tree dudes again but… Damn.

So if it falls straight down it goes through your garage roof?

Can the kids with the drone climb the tree and attach the rope?

How many tree removal outfits are in your area? Should be able to get 3-4 bids. Cost me $400 to remove an entire tree, but those outfits are all over in this area.

Last time I pulled a branch down, I tied a clothes line cord to a spear (home made from a broom handle) and tossed it over the branch. Tied off to the tow package on my truck and pulled it down. I did not require a controlled fall though.

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Thanks man :slight_smile:

I should say, insurance paid for everything but 300.00 bucks but yeah, that was the cost of total removal, including stump grinding to 6ft and cleanup.

No, can’t get a rope on or attempt to harpoon this damn thing… Way too high.

For them to doing this job @ $8K s a big scam to me. Find someone else @anon37345411 .

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Had 100ft tree removed for 100.00

8000.00 YIKES! :scream:

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No. believe it or not… Our insurance had several estimates and that was the second to lowest :slightly_smiling_face:

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Do you require a controlled fall? If not, having the kid send his drone up may be the way to go. He should be able to stand in your driveway, or on the curb if he’s a good pilot.

You need one of these:

Note to self: be nice to Glenn :slight_smile:

Also, does Newton’s Third Law not apply to shotguns? Surely the log would be pushed back to the same extent that your shoulder is pushed back by the recoil of the gun, is that not the case?

Reference: https://www.quora.com/How-far-will-a-point-blank-shotgun-blast-lift-someone-weighing-150-lbs

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I thought it a good idea too but there’s no way to see the damn thing unless your directly under it and I don’t want ton take that chance.

Well , if it s insurances related it doesn t surprise me at all, all greed here at its greatest. Guess that you would be better off getting a good one that is insured if something bad happens, never know, to do the job without the insurances paying for it @anon37345411 .

Edit; added stuff.


A friend of mine used a cross bow to get a cat6 cable across the other side of a huge building. Worked perfectly. Would have been better if it wasn’t at the aquarium and over the shark tank!


HA! revenge?

Thought about a ‘harpoon gun’, perhaps you have one to spare? Hehehe!

What goes up, must come down but we’re a mile from each neighbor.

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One of my son’s tried that, can’t get a clean shot… Not just from the foliage but because of the twisted nature of the tree it rests in :frowning:

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That’s what I was thinking; needs to find a neighbor that bow hunts to put a couple of lines over it.

@altman - so true; gouging the insurance company. @anon37345411 - get 2-3 companies to come out and give you a free bid; bet it’s only a couple hundred for a controlled fall.

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I think you’re right @PackRat, just hate paying for the same damn thing twice but it’s probably the safest way of handling the situation.

Thanks all.

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Also, don t forget to take before & after detailed pix or films for this job, so if something is to happen somehow, you have proof that they might have done the damages, stating that it was like that beforehand, real handy when needed in order to defend or argue on this end.

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You could put an add in Craigslist free lumber/oak if you are willing to remove tree… I have a buddy up north who heats his house with wood in the winter and cuts down trees for all kinds of people at no cost.


@altman You’re absolutely right and we’ve tried. I and the wife tried taking pictures for this topic but it’s impossible to tell how far up this branch (read: log) is.

I’m really thinking Mr. Rat’s idea of just calling and shelling out some cash for someone to either scale the damn thing or grab it from a bucket truck, is the responsible way to go.

Thanks again everyone :slight_smile:

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